anadrol steroids

About Anadrol

Anadrol was introduced in the market in the 1960's primarily for the treatment of medical conditions such as osteoporosis and anaemia. It also helps undernourished or underdeveloped patients by stimulating muscle growth. This is a synthetic hormone similar to testosterone. The Pharmaceutical Company Syntex was able to get the FDA approval for this drug. However, the US FDA later changed its decision to allow the pharmaceutical company market this steroid in the country because of reported side effects to the users.About Anadrol

Even though the original Anadrol was pulled out from the market, the demand for this anabolic steroid continued to rise. The use of this drug for medical reasons declined and its popularity for performance enhancing continue to grow amid concerns of its safety to the users. Several pharmaceutical companies outside of the US see the demand for Anadrol which prompted them to introduce their own versions of the drug. Anadrol is now marketed in different brand names worldwide.

Anadrol a Popular Choice among Bodybuilders and Athletes

Anadrol or its active ingredient oxymetholone is considered as a very potent oral anabolic steroid. This drug is known for its ability to cause massive increase in muscle size and strength. It improves protein synthesis thus helps promote extensive gains in body mass. These are the main reasons why Anadrol became popular in bodybuilding and as well as in professional sports.

Athletes and bodybuilders use Anadrol to protect them from injuries caused by heavy lifting or strenuous activities. This steroid helps lubricate the joints which then help them avoid injuries. What about Anadrol's immediate effects? Many sports enthusiasts will definitely endorse the use of this steroid because this drug provides immediate and dramatic results. So it is not surprising why most professional sports organizations ban the use of Anadrol in competitions.

Bodybuilders get the maximum benefits from this steroid if it is stacked with Dianabol. When taken at low dose, the side effects of the drugs can be minimized. It is also recommended that when taking Anadrol and dianabol, a steroid cycle must be strictly followed. Failure to follow at least 4-6 weeks cycle for both steroids could hinder the expected gain in muscle mass.

What is the Proper Dose?

The most important thing to consider before using Anadrol is the proper dosage of the drug. Taking shortcut is a big no no with this kind of steroid. Instead of gaining muscles, mild to severe side effects will be apparent. You can use your body weight in determining the appropriate dose of Anadrol. Experts recommend 1-5 mg/kg body weight per day so that would mean you can take 200 - 300mg per day. Be sure to monitor the effects of the drug to your body. If you can't tolerate the side effects, that means you are taking too much. Immediately lower the dosage or stop taking drug. It is also best to seek medical advice to address the side effects.

Other Precautions When Taking Anadrol

Anadrol is known to interact with the drug warfarin. If you are taking other medications, be sure to consult first your doctor to avoid any complications. The side effects of Anadrol vary depending on the type of user and the length of time he is taking the drug. A common side effect of Anadrol is water retention but it usually disappears when the intake of this steroid is stopped. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, acne, and increased or decreased libido are also some of the reported side effects of Anadrol. Other serious side effects include gynecomastia, menstrual irregularities, deepening of the voice in women, male pattern baldness, clitoral enlargement, and liver problems. Some studies also claim that long term use of Anadrol can lead to liver cirrosis and liver cancer.